the fire

it starts at my toes
it tingles, tickles. feels good for now.

my feet feel like rubber. my feet feel like air.

are my feet even my feet?
or have i left those on earth

it spreads
up my legs
the heat. the smell.

of burning
i am on fire. i am calm. i am under their control.
i see the universe. the multiverse.

i am not ready. not here. not now. not with them
snap out of it

i blink my eyes.
and the weight of the world returns

gravity, pain, sin, love, filth
putting out the fire

making my feet look like feet again
fixing what once was mine

fixing what i now know were never mine
an illusion constructed by humanity
with a little help of divinity

the fire is dead. i am alive
but i can’t get the smell out of my nose


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