the goddess and the yoga mat

floating. soaring in the sky. over the earth. on a yoga mat. is the yoga mat the one keeping me afloat or is the yoga mat my passenger? i let that thought go with ease. i don’t want to find out which of us has the power. I’m at peace.
soaring in the sky
looking over the entire world. vastness. anywhere i wanna be, i be.
here comes company. a familiar goddess like entity with her male prey. he is in a trance. does whatever she wishes. no questions asked. after all, who wouldn’t? just the thought of getting positive attention or affection from this being is enough to make your human heart flutter. she is not phased by this.
we are all flying together. like a flock of birds. except we are much larger than birds and have no visible wings. the three of us. on two yoga mats. we hop between the two. feeling free from the machine. above the wall.
and then, we are held captive. taken by a magnetic force. we fight it. working twice as hard but falling twice as fast. the pull is hard. we tumble. on to a field of lovely plants. oh they are so lovely. like a pillow. catching and embracing our bodies. maternalistic. cradling our soul. and pushed elsewhere. a distraction.
we arrive in the basement. my basement. and then there are more. they casually show up. sure, just walk right in, make yourself at home.
i am irritated.
i must keep things in order. ah yes, television. lets try that. that should work ike a charm. as the screen flickers, their gaze is redirected. i have them stationary, content, and most importantly safe. they are safe from me and i am safe from them. they are no longer my responsibility.
now to find that soaring goddess. she is in my empty room. devouring her prey. he does not see himself as prey. gladly allowing her to feast on his soul. satisfied in his trance like state. this twisted reality pleases him. why would he want to snap out of it? i give her a nod.
but then, their friends brought friends. chaos. i have to round them up and do something.get rid of them. they are not my friends. they are a false sense of responsibility i carry. that i must leave no trace. no evidence they were ever there. flush out the basement so i can be free of this baggage and fly into the sky. sink into the vastness. become a dot to the human eye. i want to be by myself. above the chaos. with no yoga mat. just me. just my. self.

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