the portal

sometimes when i think too much, it opens up.
taunts me. playfully
revealing truths. piercing truths. through metaphors. through radio waves.
tempting me to dip my toes in deeper.
my body resists. resistance is all it knows.
and they know
I am too stubborn to resist the urge to resist.
too comfortable in the cage of half-nots and i think i have’s
lets see how far i can go without disappearing
the inevitable
once half turns to whole, my body will no longer resist
or. exist
disintegrate. turning to dust. the dust to air. the air you breathe
enter through your nose
ole factory grace
floating around your lungs
swimming in your blood stream. going with your flow
blood. flows. into your brain
sending signals to your mind
lights flickering everywhere you go
lights flickering inside your skull
now you. you. are thinking too much.
but you. you are not stubborn. you do not resist.
you let these truths pierce the shell that once housed you
and you are now us

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