the shapeshifters pt. 1

‘go downstairs and say goodbye to johanna’
was that an order? 
i obey.
‘awww you’re so cute, you’ll be fine. go to sleep’
please don’t eat me
don’t worry
‘you’ll wake up feeling new, refreshed.’ she chuckles
are you mocking me?
face. shifting. pointy. dark.
will i ever escape this vast empty playground of misled dreams?
‘welcome to hell’
she looks older
i don’t think i’m ready. why am i scared,
to say goodbye
to this woman
i left a piece of my soul in that place
was it johanna? or did johanna eat it
thoughts racing
sleep is impossible. she knows that
‘awwww are you meditating?’
are you mocking me?
‘go upstairs and have an omelette’
are you mocking me?
or are my demons playing a game
turning me against sweet johanna
perhaps she’ll never know
how happy i was to meet her
and how much happier i was,
to say goodbye

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